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Health Canada Approved Medical Marijuana Designated Grower's Program
Grower's Guide on Ethics and Conduct

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Any resident of Canada with the proper documentation supplied by a medical practitioner can purchase medical marijuana on from Health Canada Approved designated growers.Your information is held in the strictest regard, members information is never shared with other members. This is a safe place where designated grower can find patients that they can grow for. has FREE SHIPPING

HELPING is the only place in the world like it, WE ARE THE FIRST! Its the only place in the world where patient can grow for other patient that are approved from Health Canada, Now  Doctors and Health Care Practitioner now have a safe place to guide their patient for Health Canada Approved Medical Marijuana knowing patient can grow their own medicine for almost nothing. Patients health and safety is first priority.


If you are only Interested in purchasing your Medical Marijuana. go to We can set you up with a FREE MEMBERSHIP, SIMPLY HAVE YOUR OWN FAMILY DOCTOR SIGN THE MEDICAL DOCUMENT AND SECURE FAX IT TO. 1-855-498-8233.  Print off Medical Documents at (Bottom Left side of web site)"Print Forms, Sign and Mail to, Any Questions on filling Please email or  Phone toll free 1-855-4-zuubee Yes, it is really that easy!

Lab Tested and certified

We have some of the best Growers in the World at, All growers are Health Canada Approved under the New Law (ACMPR) All medical marijuana is lab tested from a Health Canada Approved Lab, inspects, tests and  weight all Medical Marijuana before distribution to in sure absolute quality and Zero Contamination of any kind.

Doctors able and willing

This is a safe place where patients are connected to medical health practitioners that are able and willing to sign medical documents for our members..  Our service is desperately needed by clients that are in the need of finding an alternative to opiates.   At,  we believe that people suffering from any medical issue; whether it be depression, anxiety, or pain should  have the option of using  medical marijuana. 


 Now, the future is bright, as we have the ability to legally connect and supply patient with safe, quality Health Canada approved medical marijuana. Your RX number allowed you to purchase approved medication across Canada with recall capabilities in place for your safety as to Health Canada regulation. Good People Helping Good People! 



We protect ACMPR card holders

We keep you informed on changing Laws and protecting your right as a Canadian Citizen to Grow your own medicine for your own health condition. It's your health, It should be your choice. We believe that anyone who  get prescribed OPIATES/NARCOTICS should have the choice of utilizing medical marijuana. The more natural choice and you can grow your own Medicine.  Who knows-  maybe one day your choice of using medical marijuana could also be your new career. Your health -- your Choice!! 


Patients Now have a safe and reliable source for Medical Marijuana

Members of MMGAC are held to the highest ethical standards and practices. We are all about doing the Right Thing, -Putting people before profits                --Working together for a better future for all of us.   No matter of your family back ground. Any one can grow and make a great income.  Open to all skill levels.. IF you can grow a Tomato you can definetly grow medical marijuana.  Your new life awaits.  Medical Marijuana Growers association  of Canada is waiting to help you get started!

Medical Marijuana Growers Association Approved Health Canada Designated Growers Programs for Patients, The  ACMPR Law was designed with Canadians  interest ahead of Corporate Profits,The ACMPR Law makes Public Health and Safety of all citizen their Priority. MMGAC is Proud that the Canadian Government wasn't swayed by Special Interest Corporation Groups. THANK YOU!!!


Export Opportunity

This is the opportunity of a life time,   As Members of MMGAC are Health Canada Approved Designated Grower's , we are allowed to market are Health Canada Approved Medical Marijuana to other countries with new Medical Marijuana  program. We will grow our way out of this GREAT DEPRESSION! 

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We do all the necessary Paper work so You can get approved to be a Health Canada Designated Grower.

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